Excel 101: Cheatsheet für Journalisten

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In diesem Beitrag werden die wichtigsten Funktionen für Microsoft Excel auf Windows und Apple erklärt. Das zugehörige Datenset der Demo ist hier herunterzuladen



Journalism in the Digital Age – Learnings from News Organizations in Washington and Philadelphia

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Journalism is facing a disruptive transition from print to digital. Some news organisations in the US adress this challenge in an impressive manner. Monika Bratic, Florian Stambula and myself got the chance to take a look at #21stCenturySolutions for media organisations. This blog post sums up my findings about our meetings in Washington D.C and Philadelphia. We arrived in New York City and will depart to Boston after ... READ MORE

Funding data journalism

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Multiple media companies try to diversify with data-driven, resource-intense storytelling projects. That requires new skills within newsrooms and a look at new business opportunities. I've asked five experts about their ideas for my thesis.  READ MORE

Journalismus mit Profil

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